A Quick Guide on Speakers: Know How to Buy the Best Speakers

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A Quick Guide on Speakers: Know How to Buy the Best Speakers

Music is an art that transcends language and instils a sensation of ecstasy in one’s heart. But, if you wish to fulfill your heart’s desire to enjoy the full-blown magic that only music can bring, a good pair of speakers is a must.

A satisfying experience with speakers can depend on varied factors. Ease of use, value, and comfort are the major pros that people look for before betting their money on speakers. To help you enjoy the charm and thrill of your favorite music in the best possible way, we lay before you a list of pointers to ensure that you pick the right speakers for your home.

Speaker selection based on your needs

For music lovers and movie enthusiasts that retreat to good quality sound occasionally, a speaker on a table-top or the bookshelf is a good option. They are designed particularly to boost the sound in small to medium-sized spaces.

If you’re a fanboy/fan girl with a hint of crazy in you, accessorize your speaker with a subwoofer and add a little bass to your sound system.

Enhance the TV watching experience by gifting yourself a soundbar or a soundbar-subwoofer combination. Bring out the finer audio details with this pairing, which is also a great way to enhance your music experiences.

Where to place your speakers matters just as much as the speaker itself. Strategically planning out the positioning of the speakers is as important as the sound quality. Assess the acoustic details of your desired sound space for the ideal surround sound effect in your home theatre.

The impact of space and sound

Space has a big impact on the sound quality of your speakers. If you choose the wrong set of speakers for your available space, you won’t get the optimum results.  

In case of compact and cosy spaces, it is recommended to avoid huge speakers. They interfere with the sound quality, making it heavy and loud in an undesirable way.

For rooms that are spacious with large headspace, open-ended with high rise ceilings, go for large speakers — preferably monitors or tower speakers that come with multiple drivers in sync.

Instead of opting for the old school way of placing your speakers, you can think creatively to integrate the speakers with your room’s décor. Try positioning your speakers with different furniture, align them with the false ceiling, get them fitted in the wall, or even go wireless — the possibilities are endless!

Cinebels offers an exciting range of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that will leave you more than delighted with their best-in-class audio quality, deep bass, and discreet good looks.

Get technical

Before diving into the market and purchasing any kind of speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, or any other sound system, check out the compatibility and technical specifications of each equipment. It’s important to make sure they coordinate with each other.

However, if all this sounds like too much work for you, Cinebels is here to make things easier for you. With over 20 years of expertise in the field, Cinebels is your one-stop destination to find best-suited speakers for your home with 100% satisfaction and peace of mind — all of this without breaking your budget!

  Whether you are looking for in-ceiling speakers that seamlessly blend with your décor, moisture-proof speakers for your bathroom, or any other audio needs, we can design the best solution for you. Choose Cinebels and experience the joys of music like never before!

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