Things to Remember While Looking for Speakers

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Portable Speakers

What’s your taste in speakers? Discover yourself.

Ever been in a situation where you just don’t seem to be able to enjoy the expensive pair of cans by Beats, that you were given on your birthday. Does a said brand seem to be able to play your favourite song a lot better than some other brands? Chances are that you are yet to realise your taste in speakers. Let’s give you a quick guide to the world of speakers.

Music is an aural art that can be approached in many ways. It has evolved over the years and yet it seems to go back to its origins time and again.


So, if you are one of those who prefers the basic instrumental kind of music. Chances are you might want to purchase a speaker or headphone that is extremely liberal with its treble. The sound signature is on the brighter side and the speakers do not need to have any depth. The highs and mids should be well defined. Such speakers need to be acoustically brilliant. Which is why one might highly recommend speakers that live up to these specifications.

Bass Heavy

Millennials, Hip Hop enthusiasts, EDM junkies, they all prefer sounds that are have powerful lows and above average mids. The bass signature is generally the most pronounced and is emphasised upon while designing a good speaker. Such speakers have a lot of depth in their body and tend to be heavier in weight than speakers that are meant to be for instrumental listeners.

Studio Monitors

If you are the kind of person who makes music for a living, you would probably be familiar with this term but for those who don’t, Studio Monitors are speakers with an extremely flat sound signature. The sound emitted by it is not coloured in any possible way. It is not inclined towards the bass, neither does it have the treble set to max. If the sound signature of these speakers had to be drawn on a graph, it would probably end up being nothing but a straight line, a flat curve with no deviations whatsoever. That is exactly what studio monitors are meant for. They are meant for professionals who do not wish to have equipment that is meant for the masses.

Portables or boom boxes

These speakers serve a different purpose altogether. They are meant to be as loud and powerful as they can be. In a large boom box, the speaker is meant to have extremely powerful lows, average mids, and average highs. The sound emitted by these speakers isn’t meant to appeal to a well-trained ear but can be the perfect companion for parties, karaoke, and general usage while consuming any kind of media.

Which is why we suggest you choose wisely from the large collection of speakers available at So, while Denon, one of the brands available on this site is known to have most of its products inclined towards the bass, Klipsch is known to provide a more wholesome sound with the bass and treble balanced out for an optimum aural experience.

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