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About Us:

The 21st century has seen huge advances in digital technology. Devices proliferate our homes. Smart phones, tablets, motion sensors, smart cameras, smart TVs - the list goes on. To truly experience a digital lifestyle however, smart devices need to be cohesively integrated in a way that lets them truly become part of your home. The goal of automation is to provide convenience and comfort to let you experience a 21st century lifestyle.

Automating your home enables convenient control of elements such as lighting, security, music, video, drapes and temperature, in a manner that is personalized to the lifestyle of each family.
Cinebels Automation and Integrated Systems allow you to integrate as little or as much as you want. A multiroom system can include control of:
- A/V equipment
- Lighting systems
- Security systems
- Curtains/ blinds
- Sprinkler systems
- Heating and cooling systems
- Centralized vacuum systems
- All your media

Cinebels partners with the best in automation including Crestron, the #1 automation company in the world and Nuvo Systems for integrated multi-room audio solutions.