Why Cinebels:

Home automation is as much about integration and personalization as it is about the products used. Our difference lies in the way we suggest systems to you, the user. Our design team sits with you to understand your lifestyle, meets your family and visits your home. Only then do we give you a comprehensive proposal, choosing from our wide range of products to give you a completely personalized home.

Our application engineers work with your architect and contractor every step of the way. We are on site during construction to ensure all the wiring and conduiting takes place according to plan. We have dedicated field engineering teams in offices around the country, to give your home the attention it deserves.

Some time before hand over, we sit down with you to understand how you want the integration to work. Often, your home automation system comprises of many different aspects - lighting, A/V control and distribution, curtain controls and environment controls to name a few. Many vendors sell similar products - it is how we integrate these systems, program the products and provide you with completely customized graphics that gives you the home of your dreams. Our programming team understands from you what scenarios and macros you want, whether you want your settings to follow you through the home, whether you want different graphics for every family member and any other requirements you may have. Only then do we design our smartphone and tablet graphics from the ground up, to completely suit your needs.

Products, system design, integration and programming - all of these are critical components for your home. At Cinebels, we place emphasis on each and every aspect of your project, allowing us to deliver on our promises.