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Jamo S 25 Bookshelf Speaker

S 25


Drawing inspiration from nature, the Jamo 360 Series boasts organic curvaceous shapes that produce immersive and vivid sound in all directions, creating both a visual and acoustic statement in your home or commercial space.

A high-gloss spherical shell encompasses the tweeter and woofer of the S 25 in a welcoming open design, creating the ideal structure for luscious 360 degree sound. The aluminum-polypropylene woofer of the S 25 is neatly surrounded by a high-quality metallic trim, developing an eye-catching visual contrast.

A polished aluminum post connects the S 25's shell to a brushed aluminum alloy base that keeps this specimen of Danish design firmly rooted to a flat surface.

Thoughtfully crafted, this satellite speaker can be easily mounted on a wall, granting you the ultimate in flexibility and producing a wide and lifelike soundstage. Installing the speaker is quite simple, as the S 25 has a pair of screw-down connectors on its rear.

The S 25's distinctive Danish design makes this speaker a show-stopping conversation piece at your next dinner party and represents a true statement on modern acoustic and visual taste.

By utilizing Jamo's exclusive Omnipolar® acoustic dispersion technology for the 360 Series, the S 25 provides a unique and immersive listening experience. This is based on the principle that sound should be omnidirectional rather than directional with a narrowed focus, providing consistent frequency and time response throughout the room, so every spot is the "sweet spot."

Traditional speaker arrangements create a narrow field of sound which grants those sitting directly in the middle of the speakers a superior listening experience. With the S 25 speaker, you can stand practically anywhere in the room and enjoy vivid and immersive sound.

The S 25 boasts a bevy of high-quality performance features including:


  • Omnipolar® technology which allows for totally immersive sound everywhere in the room
  • Aluminum dome neodymium tweeter
  • Aluminum-polypropylene hybrid dome woofer

    Despite their diminutive size, S 25 speakers are perfect for larger rooms. Pairing four S 25 speakers together creates for a wide front soundstage and an alluring immersive surround effect.


    You won't believe it until you hear it.

    The 360 Series is Global Sonic Immersion.