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Roksan M2

Stereo Amplifier


The all new M2 Stereo Power amplifier has been designed to elevate the performance of any able hi fi or AV system and is a perfect partner to the Roksan M2 Integrated Amplifier, the 2010 What Hifi Sound & Vision product of the year winner.

The model is released at an earlier than planned date due to persistent requests from clients worldwide. The eagerly anticipated model is destined to make the UK made M2 model range a must on the short list of music lovers and audiophiles around the world.

The new Caspian M2 stereo power amplifier is sure to become another Roksan classic. Its proven design will address the requests of many music lovers around the world. The new addition to the M2 range is a perfect response to the needs of audiophiles and owners of high end AV systems, Its powerful and graceful musical presentation will spellbind, Intrigue, add power, and breathe life into the most difficult to drive speaker systems.


Frequency Response
-3db , <3Hz. > 100Khz
Signal to noise ratio
Line 100dba (ref 900mV)
Input Impedance
38k ohm
Current Output
60A peak to peak
Output Power
85 watts in to 8Ohm both channels driven
125 watts in to 4Ohm both channels driven
Power consumption
Standby 5W- Full power 2 channels 8Ohm <330W, 4ohm <550W
Harmonic Distortion
<0.005% 1khz in to – 8Ohm
Dimensions (W X D X H) mm
432 X 330 X 70