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Roksan ST 1308

Platinum Stereo Amplifier


The Platinum Stereo Power Amplifier simultaneously delivers a deeper, tighter wholly controlled bass with a realistic open mid range and detailed, extended top end.

Fully symmetrical, complimentary circuit design and use of superior quality components throughout ensure optimum amplification of the signal. A substantial, quadruple power supply design and ultra low output impedance with constant power response allow this amplifier to deliver its full dynamic potential into almost any loudspeaker presenting a wide bandwidth and grip with negligible distortion.

There are as many as 4 Toroidal transformers to provide optimum power delivery with full isolation between the main amplifier circuit and the input control, logic circuit and signal switching relay power.

Precision timing and enhanced sound staging are hallmarks of this world class power amplifier.


Frequency Response
-3dB, <2Hz - >150KHz
Current Output
80 Amps Peak to Peak
Output Power
>130 Watts, into 8 Ohms
>260 Watts, into 4 Ohms
>420 Watts, into 2 Ohms
Input Impedance
38 K Ohms
Input Sensitivity
700mV RMS
Damping Factor
>400(8 Ohms) Upto 30 KHz