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Matt Plus

Micro Perforated


Harkness Matt Preview screens are used in preview theatres and in small theatres where seating positions are close to the screen and the projector power is relatively high, generally in dark conditions. The flexible PVC-based material is manufactured to a unique formulation and specification providing wide viewing angles, high contrast, bright pictures and excellent colour temperature.

Our proprietary and unique seam welding process ensures our screens have no visible seams under projection conditions. Screens are available in either perforated or non perforated forms depending on speaker placement. Matt Preview screens are not foldable and all must be rolled for transportation.

What sets screen surfaces from Harkness Screens™ apart? A proprietary and unique seam welding process ensures that the screens have no visible seams under projection conditions Advanced coating technology and application processes ensure a smooth finish and consistent brightness across the entire screen surface while minimizing hot spotting The highest quality materials help the screens avoid discolouration or loss of structural integrity over time Perlux® brand screens reflect more light back to the audience, and can reduce digital operating costs by enabling reduced power consumption, smaller lamps, and less frequent lamp replacements

Acoustic PerformanceScreens are perforated to facilitate the acoustic performance of behind-screen speakers. For most cinema auditoria, standard perf pattern is used. For close viewing (less than 5m/16ft), Mini-Perf (MP) products such as Matt Preview Mini-Perf (MP) are recommended. It has smaller diameter perforations (less than half the diameter of other Harkness projection surfaces) to provide the ultimate surface type for close viewing conditions. Non-perforated screens are available for use when there are no speakers situated behind the screen.