Bookshelf speakers: Klipsch delivers acoustics and aesthetics alike

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Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers (sometimes called monitors), as the name suggests, are compact speakers designed to sit on top of a shelf or table. A well designed bookshelf speaker provides high-quality sound in a small package, with their smaller size leading to zero compromise on acoustic quality. Indeed, audiophiles often prefer bookshelf speakers as the smaller cabinets reduce boominess, and make the bass tighter and punchier. As a result, their mid-range delivery often opens up as well.

The major downside with a bookshelf speaker over a comparable floor standing speaker is in terms of their bass response. A floor standing speaker, because of its larger size, can simply dig deeper and provide more bang for the buck. However, with the addition of a subwoofer to a pair of bookshelf speakers, the bass response of the system is easily taken care of.

Bookshelf speakers can be used in a multitude of ways. From a standalone pair of speakers for music listening, to a 2.1 setup with the addition of a subwoofer, to a pair of speakers with your TV, as the left and right speakers as part of a home cinema, or even as surrounds in a home theatre system, they are perhaps one of the most versatile types of speaker there are. Buying a good pair of bookshelf speakers can be thought of as a worthwhile investment because even as your audio systems at home evolve, you’ll always be able to find them a place.

To summarize, since bookshelf speakers are designed for small living spaces, they are compact, aesthetic and easy to house wherever you may plan to use them. And they meet this promise without any compromise on audio performance.

With a legacy of over 75 years of acoustic technology under the belt, Klipsch promises superior bookshelf speakers that perform, both acoustically or aesthetically. Here are some of our favourite Klipsch bookshelf speakers.

Reference Premiere Bookshelf Monitor Speakers

Delivering unbelievable cinema-quality sound that is bold within a compact speaker, these speakers are easy to fit into virtually any room. Klipsch’s legendary horn technology, Cerametallic woofers, and expert voicing deliver excellent sound that you expect from a 75 year old legend. The award winning RP-600M bookshelf model is one certainly worth considering, and has quickly become one of Klipsch’s top-selling bookshelf speakers

Powered Bookshelf Speakers

This series of powered speakers can connect to multiple sources and work seamlessly, without an A/V receiver, keeping the promise of room-filling sound in a compact, neat form factor. They have an inbuilt amplifier with expertly matched components, making them a simple, no-fuss install

The Fives

Klipsch The Fives is also a powered bookshelf speaker, but we felt the need to call them out separately – because apart from their brilliant performance, high-end DSP, and connection versatility, The Fives are the first powered monitor on the planet to come with HDMI-ARC. They can therefore easily be connected to a TV and provide an easy and significant upgrade to your TV sound

Browse our range of Klipsch Bookshelf Speakers here and speak to us to know more and help you choose the right one for your home. If you want to learn more about powered monitors versus passive bookshelves, you can read our blog here ( )

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