Klipsch Powerful, cinematic sound: now in your home

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Sitting in a cinema theatre, the opening sounds of the much anticipated movie begin to waft through, it is atmospheric and the sound comes at you in a punch to the gut. Whether it’s a the gentle strings accompanying a peaceful scene, or the bass low tones that build up suspense, much of the work to make the sound surround you in a realistic, distinct way is done by subwoofers. That deep bass that you feel in the pit of your gut? That granular roar? Loud, screechy, stormy realism? That’s subwoofers at work.

Subwoofers are a kind of speaker that are designed specifically to reproduce lower frequencies of the audible range. It’s clear that subwoofers are a critical element in creating a more complete, rounded audio experience. Especially if you are the owner of a home theatre system, and are looking to take that experience up a notch. Considering it’s going to be a while before we go back to cinema halls, the Klipsch range of subwoofers can bring cinematic sound right into your home.

Klipsch Reference

Three subwoofers that comprise all the exclusive technology required to deliver an that low frequency cinematic magic. Sleek and elegant in copper and black, they offer solid build quality with a retro style that fits most home setups. Dynamic sound with that expected punch to enliven all music and cinema sound this is your efficient, affordable and accessible option that is built to be used to the max, making them ideal for high-performance home audio configurations.

  1. R-8SW
  2. R-100SW
  3. R-120SW

Klipsch Reference Premiere

For a step up from the basics, the Klipsch Reference Premiere series offers a well-balanced combination of power and bass along with a sophisticated styling that pushes the envelope. These floor standing towers feature horn-loaded titanium tweeters and copper-toned cera-metallic woofers that bring the Klipsch promise of high performance digital amplification. Additionally, they are available in 10″, 12″, and 15″ models.

  1. SPL-100
  2. SPL-120
  3. SPL-150

There is also a third series of wireless subwoofers on offer that are worthy of consideration before you make your pick.

Klipsch Wireless Systems

In keeping with routine advancements, this series of home theatre subwoofers bring together that same awe-inspiring bass to add power and punch to the sound quality you currently have, with the convenience with a no-cable set up.

This C-Series of subwoofers can be fitted anywhere in a room and will receive high definition signals via 2.4gHz high definition wireless transmission. Thanks to a receiver chip that comes built within the amplifier, the need for a dongle, receiver or connector of any sort is eliminated completely. Aesthetically pleasing, simple to set up, and the same prolific Klipsch sound – wirelessly.

  1. C-308ASWI
  2. C-310ASWI

What’s the difference, and what should you choose?

It goes without saying that all these series are excellent speaker systems in their own right and carry the Klipsch legacy of modern engineering and craft. They each offer specific pros and advantages, and are premium sets of speakers lines that are capable of delivering premium sound for your home audio experience.

The first obvious difference is the price points. Second, specific technical specifications vary in each. It has to be said here that a cheaper product doesn’t necessarily mean inferior output or sounds quality. It might mean lesser features or a downgrade in capacity when compared to a higher-priced or superior model in the same series, however, none of our products are on offer unless they match the Paul W Klipsch standard on the following parameters:

  • High Efficiency
  • Low Distortion
  • Controlled Directivity
  • Broad and Flat Frequency Response

When picking the ideal subwoofer for yourself, you would definitely need to consider the price point that fits your budget, as well as the nature and features of the room they will be used in, and finally your preferences in sound quality.

Talk to us today, to understand the specifics of each of these lines. We are equipped to understand your needs, assess the space you will be using the subwoofer in and make an informed recommendation for the best option for you.

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